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  • Kate Herbert

    Kate Herbert

    Work @Twitter, Formerly @DoubleClick @Google. Living the bi-coastal dream.

  • N P

    N P

  • Robert Reisenweber

    Robert Reisenweber

    Principal @gitpsa

  • Luc Michalski

    Luc Michalski

  • Colin Jacobsen

    Colin Jacobsen

  • Alvaro | zeimbeekor

    Alvaro | zeimbeekor

    Full Stack Developer & Enthusiast of Cryptography and AI. My comfort zone ¡Backend! 💻 #zeimbeekor #developer #freelancer - www.zeimbeekor.pro✌

  • Pablo Izurieta

    Pablo Izurieta

    Pablo Izurieta is author of the book Boom & Bust, Ecuador’s Financial Rollercoaster, and host of the Pablo Izurieta Podcast. — www.pabloizurieta.com

  • Julian Lamprea

    Julian Lamprea

    Software Engineer and Tech Lead… Creating the future of Virtual and Augmented Experiences at arlene.io

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